» putting 2 rp blogs to hiatus because i don’t have time to rp as much anymore

that’s matoi-lost-her-way and honnouji-idol for you

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4 drafts and a ton of replies on the go

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i just messed up
i mixed “you miscalculated” abd “you were careles” in my memory and answered the wrong meme omfg

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"You miscalculated."

Gently touching her lips to touch some blood dripping out of a cut, she threw a glare at him. “Nice one. I was careless and ya made be bleed… that was actually a good punch.” She smirked as she prepared herself for what seems to be a fight.


OTP for my muse: obviously MikiRyu like forever and ever and ever after. But it’s up to Miki would they ever be official.
Character my muse would have a one night stand with: Probably either Uzu or.. idk, Uzu and Aikuro… since Uzu has some sort of frienemy relationship with Ryuko and she doesn’t exactly think of him a rival somehow… and since Miki is a big perv that’s for sure lmao

i just realized today was supposed to be Corrupted!Ryuko day. awwww

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Baby’s first words


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