i just realized today was supposed to be Corrupted!Ryuko day. awwww

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Baby’s first words


» Send me a < and my muse will do one command for you

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Send me one or more of the follow symbols!

☮ - If you could only eat at one fast food place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
✈ - First kiss story.
☠ - Embarrassing story from middle school.
✌ - First rp muse you ever played.
✖ - Have you ever had surgery, if so,…

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「キルラログ」/「豆屋マメチ」の漫画 [pixiv]

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» Relationship Asks:
♛ : OTP for my muse
☠ : NOTP for my muse
♙ : Character my muse hates
♗ : Child!Character my muse would adopt.
♠ : Character my muse would have a one night stand with.
♥ : Weird ship I have for my muse.
♜ : My muse's best friend.
☢ : Character my muse is afraid of.
☣ : Character my muse respects greatly.
☩: Crossover Ship with my muse.

1.40am and REAAALLY headin to bed
see y’all in 9hrs

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